Sunday, May 15, 2011

I will walk the talk

I created this blog for the following reasons:
1. for my health - I have serious issues with my weight for the past 10 years. This was all too foreign to me because I've always maintained a good weight since I was a kid. I'm not skinny, I have curves but they were all the in the right places. I believe that I can emerge victorious from this battle with the right strategies and one of them is by documenting that journey through this blog.

2. to monitor my food and fluid intake - I think maintaining a food diary here in the blog would help me accomplish my food goal which is to incorporate more of the fresh, healthy foods and minimize my use of processed foods.

3. to move more - I admit that I am a couch potato. My ideal day is to spend time reading books and writing blogs while seated or on the bed. Not good! I believe that by doing this, I am committing myself to move my ass more because I have accountability.

4. to inspire - I have two beautiful sisters who have weight issues just like me. Now, I want to show them that if I can make a good lifestyle change by eating healthier and moving more, then they can too.

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